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In this section we list publications and materials that don't fit any of the other publication categories. They include publications written by GRAIN for others, and the results of collaborative research and writing projects with partners.


Dominion Farm's land grab in Nigeria

Environmental Rights Action / Friends of the Earth Nigeria | Center for Environmental Education and Development (CEED) | 28 January 2015 | Other publications

Farmers in Taraba State refuse to give up their lands for massive rice plantation project backed by the G8

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Corporations, power and the global food system; people's control over seeds; land grabbing; and agriculture and the climate crisis – these are the interconnected themes of GRAIN's work. In partnership with allies across the world. In partnership with allies across the world, we document the ways in which the industrial food system damages lives, livelihoods and ecologies, and support the fight for alternatives.

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The solution to climate change is in our lands

La Vía Campesina | GRAIN | 05 December 2014 | Other publications

A global effort to give small farmers and indigenous communities control over lands is the best hope we have to deal with climate change and feed the world’s growing population.

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La Via Campesina and GRAIN explain how a worldwide redistribution of lands to small farmers and indigenous communities – combined with policies to support local markets and ecological agriculture – can reduce global greenhouse gas emissions by half within a few decades, significantly curb deforestation and meet the food needs of the world's growing population.

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In the last 50 years, a staggering 140 million hectares – the size of almost all the farmland in India – has been taken over by four industrial crops: soya bean, oil palm, rapeseed and sugar cane. And this trend is accelerating.

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A June 2014 interview with farmer Erastus Odindo about his community's struggle to defend their lands from US-based Dominion Farms

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Karuturi still going down

Tax Justice Network ▪ Forum Syd Kenya ▪ GRAIN ▪ Anywaa Survival Organisation ▪ South Indian Coordination Committee of Farmers Movements | 09 October 2014 | Other publications

Karuturi Global Ltd, the Indian multinational that made its name in the global cut flower industry and recently acquired more than 300,000 ha in Ethiopia to produce food for foreign markets, is continuing its painful and massive decline.

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Land grabber's paradise: Cameroonian environmentalist faces trial

GRAIN | Oakland Institute | World Rainforest Movement | 17 June 2014 | Other publications

GRAIN, the Oakland Institute and the World Rainforest Movement call on Herakles and the Cameroonian government to drop all charges against Nasako Besingi and his fellow activists and instead engage in good faith with local communities seeking to defend their lands.

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Media release: Hungry for land

GRAIN and La Vía Campesina | 28 May 2014 | Other publications

A joint media release from GRAIN and La Vía Campesina on a new report, "Hungry for land", issues an urgent call for land to be put back in the hands of small farmers. The struggle for genuine and comprehensive agrarian reform is central to the fight for better food systems.

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Senhuile director arrested for alleged financial crime

GRAIN, Ndiaël Collective, Oakland Institute and Re:Common | 21 May 2014 | Other publications

Benjamin Dummai, the Director-General of Senhuile SA, an Italian-Senegalese agribusiness project illegitimately occupying 20,000 hectares in northern Senegal, was last week fired by his board of directors and arrested by Senegalese authorities last week. Local media has reported that he has been accused of embezzling almost half a million dollars.

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