Supermarket Watch Asia Bulletin

Supermarket watch Asia is a quarterly email bulletin for social movements about developments in food retail and distribution in Asia produced by GRAIN. Follow this link to subscribe.

By issue

grain organises its work by 4 issue areas.



Food and climate

In this space we bring together our materials on the link between the global food system and the climate crisis

Semences de la biodiversité

Semences de la biodiversité was GRAIN's monthly bulletin on biodiversity and food sovereignty oriented towards Francophone Africa. In 2010, the responsibility for Semences de la biodiversité was taken over by the Francophone African network COPAGEN and turned into a quarterly newsletter by and for the region. GRAIN continues to support and participate in the production of Semences de la biodiversité and we are committed to host each issue on our website to facilitate its international outreach.

Other publications

In this section we list publications and materials that don't fit any of the other publication categories. They include publications written by GRAIN for others, and the results of collaborative research and writing projects with partners.


Reports are substantial research reports, providing in depth background information and analysis on a given topic. GRAIN briefings are usually written by GRAIN staff, often in collaboration with other organisations or individuals.


Seedling is GRAIN's quarterly magazine in English, published since 1990. As of 2011, GRAIN decided to put the production of this magazine on hold, and publish a compendium of materials instead. In the archives you can access the full contents of the last 20 years of the magazine.

Against the grain

Against the grain is a series of short opinion pieces on recent trends and developments in the issues that GRAIN works on. Each one focuses on a specific and timely topic. 

Revista Biodiversidad

Biodiversidad, sustento y culturas is a quarterly Latin American magazine published through a coordinated effort involving GRAIN, REDES-AT (Friends of the Earth Uruguay), La Via Campesina Seeds Campaign, Acción Ecológica, Red de Coordinación en Biodiversidad, Acción por la Biodiversidad, CLOC Vía Campesina, Sobrevivencia-AT, Centro Ecológico, Grupo Semillas and ETC Group .

Click here to access the Portuguese version produced in collaboration with MST (Landless Rural Workers Movement) in Brazil.

Media releases

In this section you can find GRAIN media releases.

Activity reports

Each year GRAIN publishes highlights of our last years' activities.

Just the latest

This section gives all GRAIN authored articles and publications by date