Donation policy

by GRAIN | 2 Oct 2017

We have taken careful measures to ensure your payment is secure and your data remains private. You will be directed depending on the option you chose:

  • Recurring donations: This the option we recommend as it gives us long term stability. You will be redirected to our platform using Stripe and Donorbox, secure and effective tools to manage payments.
  • One-time donation: You will be directed to the Paypal platform
  • Tax deductions: If you are a US taxpayer and would like a fiscal receipt, please send us an e-mail at [email protected] GRAIN can also issue a fiscal receipt for taxpayers in Spain (same email).
  • Bank transfer: You can also choose to make a recurring or one-off bank transfer. The information for this is on our donation page.

We take thorough measures to control how funds are used and accounted for at GRAIN. Each year, GRAIN goes through various financial audits to confirm our financial statements and practices comply with international accounting standards and applicable regulations.

You can see how your donation is put to use by following the work we carry out. You can subscribe to our low-volume “New from GRAIN” email list as well as other information services. We produce an annual report which you can read online or ask us to mail you in print form. And you can follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

If you have any questions about donating to GRAIN, please contact us at donation[at] or call us at +34 933011381

For more information about our donors and budget, please click here.

Author: GRAIN
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