Camila retires from GRAIN

GRAIN | 19 December 2018

Camila with the rest of GRAIN's Latin America team It is with a tinge of sadness but a huge amount of love and appreciation that we announce that Camila Montecinos will retire from GRAIN as of 31 December 2018. Camila has been a staff member of GRAIN, from her base in Chile, since 2002. She helped build the organisation into what it now is: a small, dynamic and decentralised group of dedicated people supporting food sovereignty movements across the world through critical and hard-hitting research while accompanying social groups in collective action.

Camila’s main role was to work with GRAIN’s Latin America team to implement our programme in the region, but her contribution to GRAIN extended far beyond that. On many occasions she took the lead in the production of global analysis about how peasant agriculture and our food systems are being undermined by corporate-driven seed laws, land concentration, trade deals and climate change and what we can do about it. Her always critical and inquisitive mind helped GRAIN stay on track.

We will deeply miss her, but as Camila herself already told us, this is not the end. She will continue to be active in the food sovereignty movement and our paths will definitely cross a lot in the years to come.

Muchas gracias, Camila, for having shared your amazing skills and self with us! We are truly grateful.


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