Agroecology is an agricultural method based on the traditional knowledge of those who cultivate the land and a way of life. WhyHunger release its first agroecology publication that shares the knowledge and perspectives of social movement leaders that are working to “scale up” agroecology around the world.

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Land grabs leave Africa thirsty

Oakland and Polaris Institutes | 15 February 2012 | land grabbing | Ethiopia, Mali, Tanzania

An excellent new report from Polaris and the Oakland institute on the impact of landgrabbing on water use in Africa. 'If all the 40 million hectares of land that were acquired on the continent in 2009 come under cultivation, a staggering volume of water would be required for irrigation (…) approximately twice the volume of water that was used for agriculture in all of Africa in 2005'.

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More than 250 participants, mainly representatives of farmers’ organisations, from thirty different countries gathered in Nyéléni Village, a centre for agro-ecology training built in a rural area near Sélingué, in Mali, to participate into the first International farmers’ conference to stop land grabbing.

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"We can no longer wait"

Via Campesina, Ibrahim Coulibaly | 28 October 2011 | food crisis | Mali

"I want to encourage each of you when we sit in front our plates of food this lunchtime, to meditate and recall that human beings are dying of hunger and malnutrition at this very moment because costly meetings are organized around their fate but without the actions that could save them being carried out. We can no longer wait."

Splendid intervention of Via Campesina's Ibrahim Coulibaly at the October meeting of the FAO Committee on World Food Security

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