Volunteer work possibilities in GRAIN

If you want to contact us about volunteering with GRAIN, please state if you:

  • can respond quickly to ad hoc requests
  • want to volunteer on a long or short term basis
  • how much time you have available

GRAIN will provide:

  • training in certain cases
  • no supervision (you should be autonomous)
  • recognition of your work

Areas where we currently need help:

1. Translation work

We need help translating our documents to and from English, Spanish and French. Occasionally we also need translations into Arabic, Mandarin and other languages. In contacting us, please state your level of proficiency in the languages you could translate from/into, how much time you would have available, and for how long.

2. Editing

If you have editing skills in English, you would be most welcome to help us editing our materials. Many of our staff is not native in English, and most of our materials need editing.

3. Websites

We regularly need help uploading documents to websites and occasionally need help compiling and editing videos.

4. Research and writing

Depending on your research and writing skills, and on your experience with the issues that we work on, we sometimes need help in this area.

Proposals can be sent to volunteer[at]grain.org. Given time limitations, we can only respond to proposals that appear to match our needs. Thank you for your understanding.