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GRAIN is a small group with a big agenda. The materials we produce are available to all free of charge. But that doesn't mean we can manage without money.

We are asking anyone who appreciates our work to become a "FrOG" – a "Friend of GRAIN" – and help us build a community of support and friendship around the organisation and our allies.

The Friends of GRAIN are a special community of people interested in strengthening the work GRAIN does in support of small farmers and social movements in their struggles for community-controlled and biodiversity-based food systems.

Through regular donations they ensure that GRAIN continues to thrive as an independent, community-supported organisation, belonging to the people and movements it serves.

If you value what GRAIN is and does, make a donation now

and become a Friend of GRAIN.

Tell your friends and colleagues about GRAIN and encourage them to subscribe and make their own Friends of GRAIN donation.

  • Friends of GRAIN each receive a copy of our annual activity report.
  • All Friends of GRAIN will be invited to participate in an annual teleconference with the staff, when they may ask questions, share suggestions and concerns, learn more about us or just spend an hour with GRAIN.

You can also support GRAIN in other ways. For more information, please contact: