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Support us

GRAIN is a small group with a big agenda, and we appreciate any support or participation you can provide. There are generally three different ways in which you can get involved: through a financial contribution, with your own materials, and/or by donating your time and skills.

1. Contribute financially

If you value our efforts to support small farmers and social movements in their struggles for community-controlled and biodiversity-based food systems, please consider making a donation to GRAIN. GRAIN is wholly dependent on grants and donations for its work. The money we raise goes to producing information and analysis which we disseminate free of charge. We don't want to change this. However, we are under financial stress and are aware that people and organisations are willing to pay for access to our information materials. If you would like to help sustain GRAIN's work, you can make a one-time solidarity payment or take on a regular voluntary subscription, however modest. We really need the help! To support our work financially, please click on the link below or contact grain[at]grain.org.

2. Send your own materials

If you have photos, writings, multimedia materials, cartoons or other materials that you think could be useful for any of GRAIN's publications or websites, please let us know. We cannot promise that we will publish or use everything that you send. But we can assure you that your materials will be warmly received! Please send submissions to grain[at]grain.org

3. Share your time and skills

People often contact us at GRAIN asking about the possibility to do internships, conduct research for us or collaborate in some other manner. We are a very small and busy group, with limited capacity to deal with such requests. But we fully understand that people want to get more involved in the issues and participate in the work somehow, and we would like to create more space for this.

There are numerous areas where we do need hands-on help, if you are interested in volunteering with GRAIN. As our resources are very limited, we especially welcome volunteers who can donate their time and skills. Please click here to check what we need and how to contact us on this.

Thanks so much!