GRAIN is a small and like-minded group with a big and ambitious agenda. Our team is presently composed of ten programme staff and two finance and administration staff. Five of us are women and together we represent eleven nationalities. Rich in our diversity, GRAIN functions as a collective, with a horizontal management system and participatory methods of decision-making.

GRAIN staff (and some consultants), June 2014


Staff with a global focus

Terna Gyuse

Terna joined GRAIN in 2012. He previously worked as Africa editor for Inter Press Service and as a producer for Free Speech Radio News. Terna is responsible for GRAIN's publications and communications in French and English.

  • Languages: English, French
  • Location: Cape Town, South Africa
  • Telephone: +27 72 432 5124
  • Email: terna[at]


Henk Hobbelink

Henk is an agronomist by training. In the 1980s he worked with farmers in Peru on sustainable pest management and after that he worked with Dutch and European NGOs drawing attention to the importance of agricultural biodiversity for the future of farming. In 1990, he co-founded GRAIN and over the past two decades has helped the organisation grow into an international collective that works to support small farmers and social movements in their struggles for community-controlled and biodiversity-based food systems. Henk is the coordinator of GRAIN, and as such is responsible for the overall functioning of the organisation as well as conducting research, writing and outreach activities.

  • Languages: Spanish, English and Dutch
  • Location: Barcelona, Spain
  • Email: henk[at]
  • Telephone: +34 93 301 1381

Devlin Kuyek

Devlin joined GRAIN in 2003, after working with NGOs and peasant organisations in Malaysia and the Philippines. He is GRAIN's most active researcher, focusing on monitoring and analysing global agribusiness, including the global land rush. Devlin is based in Montreal, Canada, and spends time supporting partners and staff in the regions as much as possible.

  • Languages: English, French and (some) Spanish
  • Location: Montreal, Canada
  • Telephone: +1 514 5717702
  • Email: devlin[at]

Renée Vellvé

Renée began working on biodiversity issues in the early 1980s, when she became active with French groups fighting for farmers' rights to use local seeds. She started working with Henk in Barcelona, Spain, and in 1990 they set up GRAIN. For more that 15 years she was based in the Philippines, and now is back in Europe. Renée helps implement GRAIN's global programme, helps run and, and helps with the overall coordination of GRAIN.

  • Languages: English, French, Spanish
  • Location: Paris, France
  • Telephone: +33 6 75 07 34 68
  • Email: renee[at]


Staff with a regional focus

Camila Montecinos

Camila joined GRAIN in 2002. She is an agronomist who has worked with small farmers for most of her professional life, especially through the Chilean organisation CET and a number of years with the global CBDC programme. Camila's responsibility is to support GRAIN's partners in Latin America and to help implement our programme across the region. On GRAIN's behalf, she is an advisor to the Biodiversity Commission of La Vía Campesina and she participates actively in producing Biodiversidad magazine.

  • Languages: Spanish, English, Portuguese and French
  • Location: Santiago, Chile
  • Telephone: +56 2 2224437
  • Email: camila[at]

Kartini Samon

Kartini joined GRAIN in 2013 after several years working with the Indonesian peasant movement, SPI, and supporting La Via Campesina South East and East Asia Youth'ss communication team. She studied rural development and is actively involved with the peasant and rural youth movements in her country. Kartini's responsibility is to support GRAIN's partners in Asia and to implement the programme in the region.

  • Languages: Indonesia, English and (some) Italian
  • Location: Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Telephone:
  • Email: kartini[at]

Ramón Vera Herrera

Ramón joined GRAIN in 2009. He is the overall editor of Biodiversidad, a quarterly magazine produced in collaboration with 10 partners in the region. He also works actively with the rest of GRAIN's Latin America team in advancing our programme in the region. In addition, he edits the Mexican monthly Ojarasca, translates international writers for the Mexican newspaper La Jornada and is actively involved in the struggles of indigenous peasants in his country.

  • Languages: Spanish and English
  • Location: Mexico DF
  • Telephone: +52 5556155527
  • Email: ramon[at]

Carlos Vicente

Carlos joined GRAIN in 2001, after many years with CETAAR, a group which works on the promotion of medicinal plants in Argentina. A pharmacist by training, Carlos' role in GRAIN is to coordinate our information and outreach work in Latin America, as well as support GRAIN's partners and help implement our overall programme in the region. He also participates in and and, as member of the Argentine group Acción por la Biodiversidad, helps run

  • Languages: Spanish and English
  • Location: Marcos Paz (Buenos Aires), Argentina
  • Telephone: +54 220 4774581
  • Email: carlos[at]

Jeanne Zoundjihékpon

Jeanne started with GRAIN in 2001. Before that, she had been working on biodiversity issues at WWF West Africa and teaching at the National University of Côte d'Ivoire. She holds a PhD on the genetic resources of African yams. In GRAIN, her responsibility is to support GRAIN's partners in francophone Africa, and to help implement our programme in this part of the continent.

  • Languages: French and English
  • Location: Cotonou, Benin
  • Telephone: +229 21337950
  • Email: jeanne[at]

Finance and administration

Aitor Urkiola

Aitor joined GRAIN in 2000, coming from a long experience with NGO work in the Basque Country. Aitor is in charge of GRAIN's overall administration, financial management and organisational development. He also backs up the coordinator when needed and plays a key role in making sure GRAIN's vital communication tools work.

  • Languages: English, Spanish, Basque and Catalan
  • Location: Barcelona, Spain
  • Telephone: +34 93 3011381
  • Email: aitor[at]




Beyond the staff, a whole range of people collaborate with GRAIN in one capacity or another. They help us with translations, publications, accounting, administration, web development, outreach and more. Geographically-speaking, they are as spread out as GRAIN's staff team and are essential to our operations. We are extremely grateful for their skillful help, commitment and partnership.

Paul Pantastico, who works on GRAIN's web development from the Philippines, and Beatriz Gascó Verdier, who works on fundraising from Spain, are particularly important collaborators. Brice Demagbo (administration, Benin) and Camila Oda (administration, Spain) also work closely with us on a regular basis.

We also benefit enormously from the inputs of a large range of people who helped with GRAIN's publications and other information outputs, be it as editors, translators, designers or other. These included Louie Amongo (Philippines), Raúl Fernández (Spain), Odile Girard-Blakoe (France), Amandine Semat (France/Mexico), Maria Teresa Montecinos (Chile), Jean-Luc Thierry (France), Raymond Robitaille and Peter Felds (Canada).