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Other publications

In this section we list publications and materials that don't fit any of the other publication categories. They include publications written by GRAIN for others, and the results of collaborative research and writing projects with partners.


In December 2013, police in Sierra Leone's Pujehun District opened fire on villagers gathered to express their grievances over the lease of 6,500 hectares of land to the Socfin Agricultural Company. It was only the latest incident in a deteriorating situation in Pujehun.

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Wilmar, the world's largest palm oil processor, is building a massive plantation on forest lands illegally gifted to Nigeria's former president, Olusegun Obasanjo. The local community wants these lands back.

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Corporations, power and the global system; people's control over seeds; land grabbing; and agriculture and the climate crisis – these are the interconnected themes of GRAIN's work. In partnership with allies across the world, we document the ways in which the industrial food system damages lives, livelihoods and ecologies, and support the fight for alternatives.

'GRAIN in 2012' highlights some of the activities and achievements that we have been involved in during the year.

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The Calabar Declaration

Oil palm plantation-affected communities and civil society | 18 November 2013 | Other publications

We, members of communities affected by industrial monoculture oil palm plantations, including peasant movements, reaffirm our support for all communities repressed by the policies of the powerful and to those who defend their land rights as indigenous peoples and peasant communities; we reaffirm our commitment to demand that the governments of our countries ratify and respect the declarations and relevant international laws that protect the rights of communities and indigenous peoples.

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Community organiser Nasako Besingi speaks about being beaten, arrested and sued for supporting villagers in Cameroon defending their lands from US hedge fund Herakles Capital.

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Climate Summit: Don't turn farmers into 'climate smart' carbon traders!

La Vía Campesina | GRAIN | ETC Group | 07 November 2013 | Other publications

Farmers produce food, not carbon. Yet, if some of the governments and corporate lobbies negotiating at the UN climate change conference to be held in Warsaw from 11-22 November have their way, farmland could soon be considered as a carbon sink that polluting corporations can buy into to compensate for their harmful emissions.

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Yvapuruvu Declaration: seed laws – resisting dispossession

Alianza Biodiversidad, Red por una América Latina Libre de Transgénicos, and Vía Campesina World Seeds Campaign | 04 November 2013 | Other publications

Seeds are the work of peoples and a part of their history. They have been created through collective work, creativity, experimentation, and stewardship. Seeds in turn have shaped peoples, making possible their specific and diverse ways of growing crops and feeding themselves, and allowing them to share and develop their world views. Seeds are therefore intimately linked to community standards, responsibilities, obligations, and rights. Seeds place responsibilities on us that precede our right to use them.

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Evidence is mounting that the industrial food system is not only failing to feed the world, but also responsible for some of the planet's most pressing social and environmental crises. We call upon the international community to join us in the struggle for food sovereignty, to resist the corporate control of our food system, and to support peasant farmers and other small scale food producers to feed the world.

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Golden rice is no solution to malnutrition

Biothai | GRAIN | SICCFM | PAN AP | 29 August 2013 | Other publications

No one is fooled by concerted efforts of IRRI, Syngenta and national agriculture research institutes to develop Golden Rice as a "poster child" for the GM industry and to get GM foods accepted under the guise of a humanitarian mission. Local communities have the legitimacy and the right to say no to GE crops like Golden Rice and defend their health, environment, territories and livelihoods.

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End intimidation around Sierra Leone oil palm project

Green Scenery, Oakland Institute, GRAIN and others | 03 June 2013 | Other publications

Groups around the world accuse European business magnates Vincent Bolloré and Hubert Fabri of using intimidation to silence local opposition to an African land grab.

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