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Karuturi still going down

Tax Justice Network ▪ Forum Syd Kenya ▪ GRAIN ▪ Anywaa Survival Organisation ▪ South Indian Coordination Committee of Farmers Movements | 09 October 2014 | Other publications

Karuturi Global Ltd, the Indian multinational that made its name in the global cut flower industry and recently acquired more than 300,000 ha in Ethiopia to produce food for foreign markets, is continuing its painful and massive decline.

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Feeding the 1 percent

GRAIN | 07 October 2014 | Reports

An IT billionaire's foray into agribusiness paints a disturbing picture of today's farmland financiers.

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Planet palm oil

GRAIN | 22 September 2014 | Reports, Planet palm oil

Expanding production of cheap palm oil comes at a high price. Destruction of rainforests, labour exploitation, and brutal land grabbing: these are just a few of the nasty consequences that come with today's oil palm plantations.

With palm oil companies finding lands in Indonesia and Malaysia more difficult to acquire, attention is shifting to Africa. Over the past fifteen years, foreign companies have signed over 60 deals covering nearly 4 million hectares in central and western Africa for the development of oil palm plantations. The land grabs are already generating violent conflicts in several African countries.

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In the past decade, food corporations have been taking over a bigger and bigger slice of the retail pie in Asia, with major implications for the entire food chain. Corporate supermarkets are expanding faster in this region than anywhere else on the planet. And as supermarkets and their procurement chains expand, they take revenue out of traditional food systems – and out of the hands of peasants, small scale food producers and traders. They also exert increasing influence over what people eat and how that food is produced.

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Land grabber's paradise: Cameroonian environmentalist faces trial

GRAIN | Oakland Institute | World Rainforest Movement | 17 June 2014 | Other publications

GRAIN, the Oakland Institute and the World Rainforest Movement call on Herakles and the Cameroonian government to drop all charges against Nasako Besingi and his fellow activists and instead engage in good faith with local communities seeking to defend their lands.

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Media release: Hungry for land

GRAIN and La Vía Campesina | 28 May 2014 | Other publications

A joint media release from GRAIN and La Vía Campesina on a new report, "Hungry for land", issues an urgent call for land to be put back in the hands of small farmers. The struggle for genuine and comprehensive agrarian reform is central to the fight for better food systems.

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It is commonly heard today that small farmers produce most of the world's food. But how many of us realise that they are doing this with less than a quarter of the world's farmland, and that even this meagre share is shrinking fast? GRAIN took an in depth look at the data to see what is going on.

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Dow Agrosciences is proposing new varieties of transgenic soy which will result in the use of millions more litres of even more toxic herbicides. But sustained resistance is growing in all five countries where Dow is seeking regulatory approval as the impacts of GM technologies are denounced and the fallacies that allowed for them to be rolled out are exposed.

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Senhuile director arrested for alleged financial crime

GRAIN, Ndiaël Collective, Oakland Institute and Re:Common | 21 May 2014 | Other publications

Benjamin Dummai, the Director-General of Senhuile SA, an Italian-Senegalese agribusiness project illegitimately occupying 20,000 hectares in northern Senegal, was last week fired by his board of directors and arrested by Senegalese authorities last week. Local media has reported that he has been accused of embezzling almost half a million dollars.

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Governments and intergovernmental agreements on agrobiodiversity do not improve farmer and indigenous rights, the team of GRAIN argues. The peasants who are keeping agrobiodiversity alive are under threat from the rapid expansion of industrial farming. We need to fight for food sovereignty to preserve local agrobiodiversity. A short opinion piece by GRAIN in Farming Matters Magazine.

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